Richard S. Rosenberg


Richard S. Rosenberg, PhD

I grew up in LA and went to school at Berkeley, leading to an appreciation of both coastal parts of California. Graduate school took me to Chicago where I was fortunate to work with Allan Rechtschaffen. After completing my PhD and a post-doc at Argonne National Laboratory, I worked at the University of Chicago Sleep Center and then grew the sleep program at Evanston Hospital. After 10 years at the AASM and 30 years in the harsh winters of Chicago I decided to return to California and my roots. It’s a little weird to find that Jerry Brown is still governor. I am teaching at Cal State Long Beach and consulting for the AAST and some sleep-related companies. I was motivated to run for the board after attending several CSS meetings and if elected I would like to work with the program committee to recruit excellent speakers and maintain the high quality of the meeting.