Robyn Woidtke

Robyn Woidtke, RN, RPSGT

Robyn Woidtke is a MSN, RN and registered polysomnographic sleep technologist (RPSGT #340). She is also certified in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH). Robyn became enamored by the field of sleep in 1985.  Her entry into the sleep medicine world came through the neonatal field and conducting SIDS research at Stanford to working in the medical (sleep) device industry conducting clinical research and working with marketing teams to develop educational programs and patient-centered materials, primarily in the sleep industry. She also holds a BSHS in Clinical Research Administration.

She has authored numerous publications and lectured on a variety of sleep related topics.  She is currently a consultant and is also the principal at Sleep for Nurses, a sleep focused educational endeavor specifically developed for practicing nurses.