William T. Hart


William T. Hart, MD, FAASM

Dr. Hart has practiced Sleep Medicine for 18 yrs in both the Clinical and Academic arenas of Sleep Medicine.

Current Appointments include:

  • Adjunct Clinical Professor at the Stanford School of Medicine in the Department of Sleep Medicine.  Teaching role in the Sleep Medicine Fellowship
  • University of the Pacific, Sacramento
  • Physician Assistant Program  Guest lecturer for Sleep Medicine Education
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine Education
  • Subcommittee on Education.
  • Medical Director of the Sutter Bay Medical Foundation
  • Sleep Disorders Center in Santa Cruz, CA
  • He has multiple Patents  awarded for  oral appliance therapies and positive air pressure devices  and he has a  history of active participation with the American Academy of Sleep Dentistry  working  with Dentists and oral appliances

He is an actively lectures  on Sleep Medicine topics to High Tech companies, Medical support groups, Schools and the Transportation Industry.

These  diverse experiences in Sleep Education, Clinical Practice, Collegial interactions with Dentists and Midlevel providers and with Industry  leads to his desire to  improve the Sleep Health of all Californians.