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Leadership for Technical Professionals: Competence

By Edwin M Valladares, MS, RPSGT Competence is, “the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.”1 To move from a technical position to a leadership position you will need to be competent in what you are already doing and in what you will be doing as a...

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Service Mindset Leadership

By Edwin M Valladares, MS, RPSGT It has been said that the heart is deceitful1, so knowing our motive for being in a leadership position can be cloudy to ourselves. But our motives are analogous to body language. We may not be speaking with words, but we are always...

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Good Leaders Know How to Lead and How To Follow

By Edwin M Valladares, MS, RPSGT “Good leaders know how to lead and how to follow.” Not many books are written on this aspect of leadership, but it’s a foundational principle. In a world where leaders are interrupting industries, it is challenging to see how this...

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Leadership for Technical Professionals

By Edwin M Valladares, MS, RPSGT I’ve heard many techs assume they will get into management positions by shear desire and seniority. However, the fact is that it takes ability to lead and manage a team, group, lab, clinic or company. To develop ability, we all need...

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Diagnosing REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Can we continue to diagnose REM sleep behavior disorder the way we do? By Emmanuel During, MD Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine Stanford University Few topics in sleep medicine have in the recent years gained as much attention and scientific insights...

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Nasal Issues and Adherence

By: Robyn Woidtke, RN, RPSGT As plain as the nose on your face; or is it? In addition to being quite an interesting physical attribute of the human anatomy, the role of the nose is a significant component when considering initiation and on-going adherence to treatment...

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The Integrity of the Sleep Medicine Field

I would just like to start out this month’s blog post by telling everyone just how proud I am to be a Sleep Technologist! When I run into Trader Joe’s on my way home from work, I always proudly correct the cashier, “No, I’m not a nurse, I am a sleep tech,” even though...

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Recap of the 11th Annual Educational Symposium

By Rafael Pelayo The California Sleep Society ("CSS") celebrated its 11th Annual Meeting at the end of September.  We welcomed over 300 participants to sunny San Diego for the two-day event.  We thank our membership’s support for making this meeting a great success. ...

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