Ryan Pierce

Ryan Pierce, RPSGT

Ryan Pierce works at Stanford Health Care.  Ryan has been working in the field of sleep medicine for over 20 years.  Like many others, he discovered the field of sleep medicine by “accident.”  While going to Modesto Junior College and working as a pathology/clinical lab clerk, he was offered the opportunity to train as a sleep tech.  He found that his love for electronics and computers gave him a unique grasp of the technology, and a lifelong experience as a frequent patient in neurology clinics taught him the need for compassion in healthcare. He went on to assist some doctors in setting up a few independent labs in the Central Valley and worked at three prominent teaching hospitals in Northern California.  He has also worked with in two startups that were developing new technologies for recording sleep and treating sleep disorders.  He currently works in the VA system and finds this work to be very rewarding.  Ryan’s current position has given him insight on how veterans in particular need fairly extensive help with their sleep.  He is interested to focusing on issues like PTSD and cognitive behavioral therapy to further improve the sleep and quality of life for our veterans.