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The Pandemic of Sedentariness

By: Emmanuel During, MD

We will all remember the year 2020.  A tragic year of confinement, emotional and financial strain across the society and across the globe.  It seems that a lot can be said about this, but not much can be done, except for physically distancing, as we start to realize how important in our human condition is caring for each other, 6 feet apart.  How about caring for ourselves?

Member Spotlight: Sharmila Singh, RPSGT – Sleep Tech IV, Stanford Sleep Center

Q:        What did you want to be when you grew up?

A:         I wanted to be a heart surgeon.

Q:        Why did you decide to become a sleep technologist?

A:         I was working at the University on a RLS research project. The Alice study was being run out of the same area. I was friends with the sleep tech that ran the studies and as she told me more about what she did and showed me the studies, I became intrigued and applied for a per diem position at Stanford.

Q:        Where was your first job in sleep medicine?

A:         At Stanford Sleep Medicine Clinic.

Q:        Why did you become a CSS member?

A:         To attend sleep conferences at a lower price.

Q:        Why do you come and continue to come to the annual CSS meeting?

A:         To learn and stay current with innovations in testing and treatment for sleep disorders.

Q:        Who has the greatest influence on your career?

A:         Watching Dr. Christian Guilleminault read studies and learning from him had a great influence on me and increased my understanding and passion for sleep.

Q:        What is the most challenging part of your profession?

A:         The limited opportunities for growth and advancement in the field of sleep for sleep technologists.

Q:        What do you like most about your profession?

A:         I enjoy helping patients.  Sleep is so impactful to a person’s life and knowing that I am helping test and treat them so that they can have a better quality of life is very rewarding.

Q:        What do you do for fun on the days off from work?

A:         I enjoy hiking, biking, watching movies and spending time with the people I love.

Q:        What is the biggest change you have seen in the profession since you started?

A:         The increased use of HSTs over in-lab studies.

Q:        Any words of advice for people who are new to the profession?

A:         Chat with the physicians, ask questions and keep learning at every opportunity.  Knowledge is power and your patients will appreciate your expertise.  Also, try CPAP on yourself.  It is a lot easier to empathize with the struggles of my patients after wearing CPAP for a couple of weeks.

Q:        What are your professional short term goals and long term goals?

A:         My short-term goal is to get info management; my long-term goal is to get my M.B.A. and start my own business.

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