Quarterly Newsletter - Q3 2022

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15th Annual Educational Symposium


The 15th Annual Educational Symposium will be held on September 30 – October 1, 2022, at the Hilton Sacramento Arden West in Sacramento, California.  Registration is open!

Standard registration expires on September 1.  If you haven’t registered, register today as we have an incredible line-up of speakers (refer to our agenda).  

CME and CEU applications are pending, but have you heard that CSS is a Dental Board of California Registered Education Provider. One unit of credit for each hour of class instruction with a maximum of eight hours per day will be offered this year.

We hope to see you in Sacramento!

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Newsletter Contributions

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Mild Sleep Apnea & Excessive Sleepiness

By: Sam Kashani, MD

The severity of sleep apnea is determined on a sleep study and is typically based on the number of respiratory pauses/disruptions per hour of sleep, which is generally reflected by the RDI, or respiratory disturbance index. Keeping in mind that a diagnosis of MILD sleep apnea is defined as an RDI between 5 to 15 per hour in conjunction with symptoms, i.e., daytime sleepiness, fatigue, disrupted nighttime sleep and/or comorbidities, i.e., high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, a question that comes up often is whether or not all those with mild sleep apnea require treatment. After all, mild sleep apnea identified on a diagnostic sleep study in the absence of symptoms and comorbidities technically does not constitute a diagnosis.

President’s Corner – “Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for Dancing in the Street”

By: Rafael Pelayo, MD

I hope all of you are in full swing enjoying the 2022 summer.  It has been strange for many of us to start interacting again with each other in person.  For those of us in the healthcare field, we are in a hybrid situation of keeping the strict COVID rules in place while at work, including of course wearing masks when interacting with patients, yet when we step outside of our clinic’s doors, we are almost back to pre-pandemic mode of interacting.