Join NICHQ in observing Sleep Awareness Week 2024, observed March 10-16, by advancing advocacy, protection, and promotion of evidence-based safe-sleep practices to ensure that all babies are sleeping safely.


Community infant safe sleep and breastfeeding promotion and population level-outcomes: A mixed methods study was recently published online in Midwifery. The study, led by NICHQ researchers, investigates the relationship between community-level strategies and associated state-level outcomes for infant safe sleep and breastfeeding. Researchers found gaps in promotion and outcomes, and persistent disparities between infant safe sleep and breastfeeding promotion and outcomes.

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Watch as members of NICHQ’s National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep Improvement and Innovation Network (NAPPSS-IIN) project team and community partners discuss the ways they shifted programmatic and evaluation pursuits to center community voices as they worked toward a goal of making infant safe sleep and breastfeeding the national norm.┬áCommunity partners share their experiences leading and implementing QI activities. Implications for MCH projects and community-based research were discussed.

Breastfeeding & Safe Sleep Myths & Facts

Pediatricians, family physicians, and other health care providers can use these documents during conversations with families to address myths and facts about safe infant sleep and breastfeeding. Now available in 12 different languages!

View a collection of tools and resources to help eliminate persistent disparities in SIDS rates and address unsafe sleep practices to reduce infant mortality for all.