We need your help in advancing SB-1413 (Niello) and AB-1776 (Ta), California’s companion bills to ditch Daylight Saving Time (fast time) and restore permanent Standard Time (natural time).

This policy is pre-approved by federal law, it is widely endorsed by nonprofits for health, safety, and education, and it is shown by history to have the longest lasting popularity. Nearly everyone wants to end clock change, and these bills can do so by the end of 2024. Arizona has already done this, Mexico has recently done this, and every state will soon follow when California does this. These two bills are our most important of the year. Any of the below actions help!

👉 Please click this link to send a pre-written message of support for SB-1413 and AB-1776 to your state legislators. https://www.votervoice.net/ditchDST/Campaigns/112508/Respond

👉 Please upload a letter of support from yourself personally, and another letter from any organization you can represent (most helpful). Create an account on the Legislature Portal, search for SB-1413 and AB-1776, and upload each separate letter (yours and your organization’s) for each separate bill. Or email me letters, I will upload them for you. Statements must say “Yes on SB-1413 and AB-1776” and must give at least one reason. DEADLINE IS MARCH 26 AT 12 NOON. https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/

👉 Please join us in Sacramento for our first committee hearing. Members of the public will be permitted to say their names and voice a simple “I support this legislation” message. HEARING IS APRIL 2 AT 9 AM.

👉 Please request a meeting by phone, zoom, or in person with your state legislators, ask them to sponsor SB-1413 and AB-1776. Find them from your home address here. https://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

👉 Please send a letter to the editor, an op-ed, or an offer to be interviewed to your local news companies, in support of SB-1413 and AB-1776.

👉 Please promote SB-1413 and AB-1776 on social media.

👉 Please share this call to action with colleagues, friends, and family.

Expert statements are available here.

Restore permanent Standard Time; read a brief summary here – CA Standard Time Summary